Born from the ashes of mainstream book publishing, Sun Rider Press was founded in the European summer of 2019, though it was a long time in the making. Mike, long rider of the road, began putting pen to paper when he embarked on his first global pilgrim voyage, writing short stories of his unconventional escapades that would hold a lens to the functioning of humanity through the eyes of a 20-year-old middle-class white boy. After 8 years, a couple of novels under his belt, and an overflowing inbox of literary rejections, Mike came to a startling realisation: publishers only want the ultimate hero story. That transatlantic voyage by that ex Tour de France winner; that latest celebrity cook book that discovers the cultural delicacies of ‘off-the-beaten-track’ areas.  It's a shame that they are so short-sighted.


What about all the untold, larger-than-life stories of our fellow neighbours? Those we tell each other on the road, over a glass of wine, with new friends, in faraway places? Sun Rider Press is a home for these near-forgotten tales.

From the endless pilgrimage, to the micro-stories of everyday existence that we don’t always see, Sun Rider Press produces travel literature to defy popular convention, entertain and inspire. Its creation is intended to challenge mainstream publishing - in ethos and in content - by putting the power back into the hands of the storytellers themselves.