Mike's love affair with travelling began when he and a friend breathed new life into an old Honda Prelude and preceded to clock up over 10,000km traversing the Australian outback. It became their ticket to personal freedom, as they threw off the shackles of modern, first-world rights-of-passage and delved deep into a life of unplanned, unfiltered and socially-engaging experiences.

Their desire to disregard the rule-book led them to rural parts of Australia, and then onward to Asia, Europe and Africa, as the two of them ground out a hand-to-mouth existence through unconventional work, with the primary focus set on forging new relationships with their global neighbours.

Mike's obsession with writing and all things literary soon took on a new shape, as he began writing short stories about his experiences and sharing them with the wider community.

You could say these are the roots of Sun Rider Press.





The origins of Luke's obsession with art and global travel can be traced back his birth on a sailing boat in the Virgin Islands. As a child, growing up in rural New Zealand, he and his brother spent countless hours absorbed in comics, video games and literature.

Enamoured with the idea of 'the struggling artist', Luke took the blind plunge to Bristol, UK, when he was only 19. He met Mike not long after, in the basement of an old printing factory-turned-hostel. It was there that they began working together, sharing their artistic styles and channeling the attitudes of many of their idols - Jack Kerouac, Dylan Thomas, Hunter S. Thompson, Bukowski, Krumm, among others. Their bromance quickly formed..

Luke's own journey took him back to NZ, where he underwent a rigorous 2-year tattooing apprenticeship that would soon put him back in the northern hemisphere - 15 minutes from the Colosseum, to be exact, finding his artistic roots in Rome, with a cig and bottle of Italia's finest in hand.  



Graphic Artist




Literary Editor

Many years a music journalist trailing local bands around Bristol (in the UK) and, even longer, someone who spends far too much time scribbling nonsense into diaries, Robyn now spends her [professional] time as an editor in two realms. In one, navigating the often unfamiliar landscape of international healthcare, and, in the other, roaming through the more intimate – if not still offbeat – memories and musings of Mr Michael Maine.

Robyn's been journeying through the cosmos since the day she was first born and, in that time, has found some of her favourite earthly destinations to be Vietnam, Italy, Somerset, and the right-hand side of her sofa.

Zack is a multimedia designer and owner of Witch And The Wolf – a company inspired by adventure, delivering creative solutions of all kinds to get people further, as well as celebrating the music and arts culture around us all. If he isn’t creating logos, illustrations or websites, he can be found making a tune or two in his band instead! His love of combining technology, humanistic approaches and literature is what brought him to become the Sun Rider Press web developer.

Canada is where Zack calls his second home, where the vast mountains and landscapes become his playground. It’s what encourages him to create and fuels his love of writing fantasy fiction.



Web Developer & Digital Consultant