Patricija Jankaus

“You alright?”

I was caught off guard. Yes, I am alright. Pause. Am I alright? I started spiraling into a self inflicted existential crisis. After a lot of contemplating I took a deep breath and answered no. Milky tea went cold, a jaffa cake was dropped. Oh, how the tables have turned, now I channelled my existential crisis onto another person. A few seconds and a lot of uncomfortable eye contact later one of us left with an unexpected question and another one with an unexpected answer.

Update. It has evolved. The question I have since feared the most. It has evolved into a crisp mere... “Right?”

Am I right?

Yes, I am right but about what? Wait a minute I am left… Again I was caught in this never-ending cycle of existencial dread.⠀

I think I have found the answer. I am alright. But I am not always right and I have found a new way to say hello.